A Glimpse of Superwoman

My schedule has been so crazy lately that I’ve become entirely unreliable to friends and family.  My cousin asked me to bring a fruit salad to her son’s 1st birthday party.  That morning I was up at 5:30 to get my daughter to her swim meet by 6:45 am and stayed there until about noon.  I went to the party and when asked about the fruit salad gave my cousin a blank stare for about 10 seconds before my brain went “oh, shit”.  Sadly, it’s not the first time I promised her something and flaked out.  I hate that who I’ve become can’t be trusted with basic simple commitments.

Personally, though, I’ve come to surprise myself.  After my PT appointment on Friday I ran to Home Depot to get a feel for what I would need to spend to set up my raised 4′x4′ beds for my spring vegetable garden.  I bought the wood, conduit (for trellises) and completed some scarily accurate mental math regarding soil/compost and set to work as soon as I got home.  In the sleet.  I built the boxes and installed them in about 4 hours from start to finish, including the soil and trellis supports.  Even hauled the probably 600lbs of soil mixture into my backyard.

What’s amazing is that I didn’t follow what my natural urge would be.  That would have been taking the crap out of the car, plopping it in the garage and forgetting about it until the spring.  Even my husband was impressed.  It felt good, but strange to be so possessed by an idea that I couldn’t stop until it was realized.  I haven’t felt that inspired in such a long time.

I really want to mix in some perlite and peat moss, but it is too damn cold to be out more than a couple minutes.  If we get a few warm days I’ll take advantage of them, but otherwise, it will have to wait until spring.  Depending on how these boxes go, I might build a few smaller ones to scatter around my backyard where I can.  There are a few more spots that they would work well, but just can’t accomodate a 4′x4′ box.  Possibly a 3′x’3 or 3′x2′ or something like that.

Here’s pictures of what I accomplished on Friday:




One response to “A Glimpse of Superwoman

  1. Hi there! I too use some of the square foot gardening methods in veggie garden. I don’ t have a very long season though. Isn’t this the best method ever? I like your blog. Keep the posts coming!

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