Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough

Yesterday I went into Ace Hardware to see if they had a gardening section set up yet. I know, I know, it’s only January in Chicago and there is 8″ of snow on the ground, but I need to do something. So I bought some hope in a packet. Many packets actually. I bought a ton of Burpee’s seeds and I will get starter mix next week so I’m all prepared.

Seed Packets

To combat the winter doldrums I held those packets of hope in my hands and entered the relevant information into Folia and set up tasks for seed starting and sowing. I also bought a subscription to Folia so I could use some of the extras they offer. Ever single minded and obsessive, I also plotted out my two 4’x4′ planting beds. Behold my planting layout for 2009. It’s not perfect and I’m not really planning on successive plantings at this point. This will be my first year with Square Foot Gardening and I want to start off relatively slow at least for me. For others, filling up 32 square feet of planting beds might be a little excessive.

From Square Foot Garden Plan
From Square Foot Garden Plan

One response to “Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough

  1. Well we just got 12″ of snow. I have 4′ icicles hanging off my roof right now. They keep growing. I’ve already started some seed. I just can’t wait.

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