It’s Good to be Ghetto

I found myself in Target this morning, veering off course from the girls clothes I was there to procure.  As I was wandering, I spied a petite metal shelving unit for around $15 dollars.  It stands roughly three feet high and has three shelves.  I scooped that bad boy up and ran to the registers, better to get out while I was ahead.  Then I made the fatal mistake of stopping at Ace Hardware.  I swear that place is going to be my downfall.  I grabbed some larger peat pots for when my seedlings are ready to pot up.  (See how I’m all optimistic that I’ll actually have seedlings to pot up?).  While there I also picked up seed starting mix, a small bag of vermiculite (gotta get it where and when I can), two large-ish bricks of peat moss and a bag of perlite.  A few seed packets found theie way into my cart (cucumbers and cauliflower) and I found a plant lite stick (that’s what it’s called) for about $25.   Using a few ball bungees I had laying around the house and trays I had in the garage (which now house a LOT of dead bugs, eww), I present my ghetto seed starting station.  The only thing missing is a heat mat, and I may just rig a heating pad somehow to keep them warm, how wonderfully ghetto would that be?

Ghetto Seed Starter


One response to “It’s Good to be Ghetto

  1. Good luck with your new set up. I still haven’t bought any starting mix. I have to get to it. I’m almost out of last years.

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