Go Grow!

Finally got my rear in gear and planted my seeds. Part of my ghetto set up is a heating pad for the seeds. I’m going to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get too hot, but I think it will be ok. I have it sandwiched between some ceramic tile so it’s not directly in contact with the plastic seed flat.

For whatever reason (probably that last snowstorm), I haven’t been in the gardening mood. Today I figured I need to bite the bullet and get started. I never really put much thought into starting seeds before, so I usually got these spindly things that didn’t do well. This time I have a heat source AND a plant light, so we’ll see how that changes things.

Looking at my plans, I made a last minute substitution and threw in Sugar Baby Watermelon instead of the zucchini. If it does well, it will get a much better reception in the household than a vegetable type crop.

Peas are supposed to be planted outside soon. It was actually snowing a bit this morning and I haven’t tried to work the soil that was frozen last time (where the peas need to go). The weather is showing it’s usual schizophrenia for this time of year and I’m not quite willing to suffer the cold to try to get that soil ready. Maybe today….maybe.


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