Fresh Herbs in Winter

Was making a beef stew recipe I found in Cook’s Illustrated and was stopped cold when I got to the part about adding fresh thyme. We’ve had quite a bit of snow here lately and easily have 6 inches or more on the ground.

Still, I donned my boots and coat and trudged back to my square foot garden in the back. Brushing back the snow I first found the parsley. And how could I not, it seems entirely unpeturbed by the snow and cold. It was bright green and beautiful (I’ll try to take a picture later).

Right there in front of it was the thyme. The longer sprigs were’t looking too great, but after disentangling it from the parsley, I found a few that look as fresh as they do in the spring.
Discovering how hardy these particular herbs are make me want to start figuring out where the are going to go this year in the garden. I’m thinking using rosemary & thyme as a border of my potager.

Any suggestions for other herbs that are hardy and relatively compact?


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